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Special Interest Links
Links preceded by ** are my original writings and submissions I have received from others
Links to sites owned by others will open in a new window


Trainorders.com Railroad Hobby Center
1970-9 Train Wrecks Pt1 - NE Rails
W&H MAIN YARDS: Railroad Document Archive
Thomas the Tank Engine
Drew's *Unofficial* Thomas the Tank Engine Page
Thomas the Tank Engine and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Exclusively Thomas
Railway Productions / A-Train [Railroad Videos and other products]


Astronomy Picture of the Day
View of the Earth
EarthWatch Weather On Demand-StormWatch®
The Weather Channel - Western Hemisphere Global Satellite
NOAA -- Natl Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin
Live Weather Images
Weather Cams! - WeatherImages.org
Weather Underground*
Earth Cams
NASA Homepage
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPL/NASA -- Basics of Space Flight
Planetary Sciences at the NSSDC
NASA Space Shuttle Virtual Tour
Views of the Solar System
Solar System Live
Absolute Astronomy
Solar System Exploration Home Page
Belmont Society for Beginning and Intermediate Amateur Astronomers
World Atlas -- Latitude/Longitude Lines
The Home Pages of all 50 States
USGS National Mapping Information
National Geographic - Adventure, Maps, Travel, etc
Cyberpaperboy -- World and National Newspapers and much more!
The Old Farmer's Almanac
Roadside America
Convert-me.Com: Interactive measurements calculator, weights, measures, metric conversion
EducationPlanet.com Measurement Converter
CIA WorldFactbook2000
ThinkQuest Library of Entries -- Geography Games
Where's George?
** Photo of the Montana fire (Aug 2000)

Time Zones, Zip Codes, Area Codes, Census

US Time Zones Map
World Time Zones Map
The Official US Time
Telephone Area Code Info
Telephone Prefix Location List
United States Postal Service - ZIP + 4 Lookup
Lots of Zip Code Info
2000 Census Information


Merriam Webster Online
The Internet Public Library
OnLine Books
The Book of Cliches
OneLook® Dictionaries
Glossarist -- Dictionaries and Glossaries
Klingon Language Institute
The Southern Word
Word Detective
The Word Spy - Home Page
Anagram Server
Word2Word Language Resources and Translating Chat
Lost in Translation
The Dialectizer
Purportal -- The Bunk Stops Here

Geeks and Nerds

Glossary of Internet Terms
Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters
Wired News
The Nerdity Test - V.(5X^3-3X)/2
Webopedia: Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms
Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms
Computer Emoticons
You might be a computer geek if...
User Friendly the Comic Strip
Geekfinder Employment
Rent A Coder:The Online Auction for Custom Software
Boogie Jack's Free Graphics, Backgrounds, Tutorials, Sound Effects, Fonts
Web site design, free online community
Eeggs.com - The Easter Egg Archive: Hidden secrets in software, movies, music and more!

Government, Military, Law Enforcement

** I appreciate our military service men and women
** Why the American Flag is Folded 13 Times
First Gov, the US Government's Official Web Page
National Do Not Call Registry
US Supreme Court -- Bush v. Gore
Library of Congress
Welcome to USMC Boot
U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps -- WELCOME ABOARD
Help the Missing Children
U.S. Most Wanted Criminals
Live Police Scanners
Police Auctions - Repossessed and Confiscated Items for Auction
National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators
Free Public Records Searchable Database Collection
The Search Systems Free Public Records Directory
Foundmoney Free Search
Vital Records Information for United States (birth, death or marriage certificate)
US Citizenship Test

People and Entertainment

"Famous People" with Autistic Traits
Rubberfaces.com - play with the faces of your favorite celebrities
Lives, the Biography Resource
Former Child Star Central
GoodBye! The Journal of Contemporary Obituaries
Am I Annoying?
College roommates - messy and sloppy
Download Theme Songs from Television Shows
Lyrics Search Engine - Popular Lyrics
Lyrics Connection -- Band Lyrics
Jump the Shark
Webby Awards
The Internet Movie Database
Guess The TV Show or Movie Name
The Slip-Up Archive: Movie and TV Bloopers and Mistakes and More
The Easter Egg Archive: Hidden secrets in software, movies, music and more!
The Nitpickers Site
Movie Parodies
Welcome to PythOnline

Science and Nature

BrainPOP - Health, Science, Technology, Math, English Animation and Educational Site for Kids.
How Stuff Works
MadSciNet: The 24-hour exploding laboratory.
Virtual Library Museum
Zaboomafoo Mystery Animal
Extreme Science
NOAA Ocean Explorer
Marine Biology
The Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception.
Neuroscience for Kids
Web Elements: The Periodic Table
Chemistry Molecular Models
Time.com -- Inventions of the Year [2001]
National Park Service
Trails.com: Find Your Trail
Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy
Monterey Bay Aquarium: Home Page
Deep Sea Images
WhaleNet: A Day on a Whale Watch
Enchanted Learning
ZOOM SCHOOL at Enchanted Learning
Gardening.com - Plant Encyclopedia, Regional Gardening, Advice and more!
GardenWeb Home Page

Science Fiction

Speculative Vision Science Fiction and Fantasy
Star Trek episodes
Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time (Travel)
ParaScope: Something Strange is Happening!
Hero Machine -- Create your own superhero

Comics, Trivia, Advertisements, Etc

dizABLED: Wheelchair Stuntman Cartoons: Wheelchair Sports
AdCritic.com: Commercials - All Ads, All The Time
Adflip.com -- Classic Print Ads
AbsoluteTrivia.com - The Totally Trivia Search Engine
Useless Information Home Page
Urban Legends
Comics on the Web
The Straight Dope: Home Page

Jokes and Humor

Playtonium - The Element of Fun - online games
Rinkworks Online Entertainment [Includes section "How to be Funny"]
Sodaplay -- The Home of Creative Play
The Pay Back: Get Revenge
Working for the Man
Worst Case Scenarios
Funny Mail
Gopher Central [online newsletters]
Clumsy Crooks
Tomorrow's News
Happy Woman, A parody of women's magazines
Modern Humorist
Darwin Awards
The Dumb Network
The Humor Writer
The Academy of Arts and Imbecility
Book of Truths - the source of all absolute truths
I'm Right, You're Wrong
Guide to Shooting Rubber Bands
The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide
Press Any Key [fun tests and other things]
Schmuck University
Where's George
Fun Brain
Customers Suck
Who's on First
All Trivia
TechTales: Tech Room [Help Desk funnies]
You might be a ... humor lists
Loonie Bin of Jokes : Seasonal jokes
The Night Before Christmas re-written

Other Special Interests

Bubble Popping -- [this is the most fun link on the internet!]
Town Hall: Conservative News and Information - The Conservative Movement Starts Here
NCF Helping dads be better fathers
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Make A Wish Foundation
Radio Lovers Old Time Radio
Operation Dear Abby
Paper Airplanes
Quest for the Rest
Best Of The Web + Chat @ InfoTreks.Com
Free Holiday Wallpapers, Screen Savers
3-D Stereograms - Brought to you by eyetricks.com.
Card Trick Central: #1 Site for Card Tricks, Card Tricks, and more Card Tricks
Spatial Intelligence
Rawbrains -- Puzzles with Patterns
Hangman [from Jokes and Games site]
RatingSpot -- Rate Lists of Things
Smileyland.com - Funny Pictures
Baseball Primer - baseball for the thinking fan
Joseph Wu's Origami Page
Anti-Telemarketer.com - The web's #1 source for stopping telephone sales calls!
How to Clean Anything
A Hints and Tips Website
Joey Green -- Wacky Uses and Weird Facts
Things People Said
Don't Throw a Brick Straight Up, A Stupid Person's Guide To Life
The MegaPenny Project --visualizing large numbers
George Emery - A Collection of Strange Webpages, Historical Timelines, Music Sites, Fun Stuff!!
The Centre For The Easily Amused [Ultimate Guide to Wasting Time Online]
The Most Neglected Site on the Internet
The Last Page

Educational Games

Fact Monster
Game Cabinet [Rules for Games]
Dr. Seuss's Seussville!
Crayola Creativity Central
FunIsland Educational Games and Kids Games
Free Interactive Word Games
Looney Tunes Games
Where to get pinball games and other free games downloads

Internet Tools and Utilities

NetZero Free Internet Service
Yahoo! Free EMail
Google -- The Best Search Engine on the Internet
Free Translation from English to Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Norwegian
AltaVista - World / Translate

Your Websites

Autism & Asperger Syndrome - My Personal Life through Childhood and Adulthood
hi2u 4 People With Hidden Impairments
Art and Autism -- Artistic work by Daniel Muller
Welcome to Holland - One Parent's Guide Through The Land of Autism
Autism Kids
Run 4 Autism

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